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I am a Cape Town based cinematographer and love what I do and the pleasure I derive from narrative cinematography and picture story telling.

My reputation in maintaining a keen creative eye and capturing strong and beautiful images remains well respected within the industry.

I am a member of the South African Society of Cinematographers with accolades including: S.A.S.C. Gold; Visual Spectrum & NTVA Stone awards for cinematography

Familiar Directors I have collaborated with include:

Andy Fogwill, Anthony Hoffman, Andy Margetson, Ben Hartenstein, Bruno De Charme, Chris Holt, Chris Palmer, Ed Zwick, Don Fauntleroy, Ed Lachmann, Filip Engstrom, Frank Dobbs, George Miller, Hisham Abed, Jeff France, Javier Fernandex Martin, Jim Gilchrist, Jim Jenkins, Johan Renck, John Harrison, Kees Dijkstra, Lloyd Baptista, Maxi Blanco, Michael Buckley, Michael Rauch, Olivier Venturini, Raf Wathion, Ricardo de Carvalho, Richard E Grant,

Samuel Bayer, Sean Penn, Sebastien Alouf, Sean Smith, Sebastien Chantrel, Serge Roman, Stephen Campanelli, Stephen Daldry, Trevor Melvin and others.


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